Lectoraat Civic TechnologyCivic Technology is technology that allows citizens to take an active role in governing and designing society, to take initiatives and engage in life in their community. Technology can play a catalysing and mediating role in merging individual thought and action with public values in a community. Civic Technology uses data and online communication to provide citizens with a better information position, arming them against phenomena such as fake news, populism, and manipulation on social media. It empowers citizens to engage more knowledgeably in democratic and participative activities.

Innovation in Civic Technology requires the merger of many disciplines – design, psychology, communication, social and technological disciplines – in a variety of application domains, e.g. mobility, safety, sustainability, social resilience, culture.

My research interest is to generate knowledge about how to design Civic Technology and about how to introduce it effectively and positively in society. I develop my research activities in two labs: the UrbanUX research lab on Civic Technology and the Social Design Lab, both at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

Take a look at the Projects page for a selection of my research projects.

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UrbanUXSocial Design Lab