Lectoraat Civic Technology

I am a researcher, designer, teacher.

I think and work from a broad experience in the practice of researching, designing, coding and building. My goal is to generate and share knowledge about designing smart, technological applications that enable people to contribute in a positive way to this world.

I like to experiment, to work together and to excel, to be in practice but to look far into the future, to teach and inspire, to learn every day.

I am curious about what moves people, about new technology and how we make it available to people in a meaningful way, to relevant questions and the right design, for the best answers.

I have been an academic since 1993, at Eindhoven University of Technology, the University of Madeira, Portugal, and now at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands. My mission is to strengthen the bonds between academia and society, reaching out with research and education, generating and disseminating knowledge on how to design a better world.

Favourite quotes:

O professor que deixa de ser estudante deixa de ser professor.
– Augusto GuimarĂ£es
A teacher who stops being a student, is no longer a teacher.

Wie zegt dat kennis duur is, weet niet wat domheid kost.
– Alexander Rinnooy Kan
Who says that knowledge is expensive, does not know the cost of stupidity.

Ultimately, I strive to design innovations and to innovate design.

I am intrigued and driven by the opportunities that new technologies and media offer to create better designs and I like to work on projects that cross creativity with new technology, always looking for a positive social impact.