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Conference Programme

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Tuesday, July 4 Wednesday, July 5 Thursday, July 6 Friday, July 7
7:00-9:00 breakfast 7:00-9:00 breakfast 7:00-9:00 breakfast
9:00-10:30 session 1
1: Opening Session
9:00-10:30 session 5a+b
5a: Public Participation
5b: Design Systems 2
9:00-10:30 session 9a+b
9a: Land Use Models 2
9b: Knowledge Representation 2
10:30-11:00 coffee break 10:30-11:00 coffee break 10:30-11:00 coffee break
11:00-12:30 session 2a+b
2a: Land Use Models 1
2b: Design Systems 1
11:00-13:00 session 6a+b
6a: Transport and Activity Modelling
6b: Product & Process Modelling
11:00-13:00 session 10
10: Micro-Simulation
12:30-14:00 lunch break 13:00-14:00 lunch break
14:00-15:30 session 3a+b
3a: Multi-Agent Systems 1
3b: Knowledge Representation 1
14:00-15:30 session 7a+b
7a: Multi-Agent Systems 3
7b: Decision Support
13:00 closure
15:30-16:00 coffee break 15:30-16:00 coffee break
16:00-18:00 registration + reception
Welcome by Harry Timmermans
16:00-18:00 session 4a+b
4a: Multi-Agent Systems 2
4b: Virtual Environments
16:00-18:00 session 8a+b
8a: Multi-Agent Systems 4
8b: Collaborative Design
18:30 buffet 19:00 dinner 19:00 dinner


Conference Proceedings

The conference proceedings are published in two parts. The first part is published in hard back by Springer, the second in paper back by Eindhoven University of Technology.

Please note that the papers in the hard back book of proceedings, marked HB on this CD-ROM, are copyright of Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands. The papers in the paper back book of proceedings, marked PB on this CD-ROM, are copyright of their respective authors. All papers are included on this CD-ROM, but they may not be reproduced or distributed without prior written permission of the publisher. This CD-ROM is copyright of the editors at Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands. When citing from these papers, please include the reference information found on the first page of the respective paper.

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van Leeuwen, J.P. and H.J.P. Timmermans (eds.) 2006,
Innovations in Design & Decision Support Systems in Architecture and Urban Planning,
Dordrecht: Springer.
ISBN-10 1-4020-5059-3
ISBN-13 978-1-4020-5059-6.
van Leeuwen, J.P. and H.J.P. Timmermans (eds.) 2006,
Progress in Design & Decision Support Systems in Architecture and Urban Planning,
Eindhoven: Eindhoven University of Technology.
ISBN-10 90-386-1756-9
ISBN-13 978-90-386-1756-5.


Full Papers

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The code on the right refers to the paper's page number in the hard back (HB) or paper back (PB) book of proceedings.

1 Opening Session
Welcome to the Conference
Jos van Leeuwen
Eindhoven University of Technology
Gerhard Zimmermann
John G. Hunt
2a Land Use Models 1
Guenter Emberger, Nikolaus Ibesich, and Paul Pfaffenbichler
Paul Pfaffenbichler, Andrés Monzón, Ana Maria Pardeiro, and Paula Vieira
Yoshimizu Gohnai, A. Ohgai, S. Ikaruga, T. Kato, K. Hitaka, M. Murakami, and K. Watanabe
2b Design Systems 1
Eric Landreneau, Ozan O. Ozener, Burak Pak, Ergun Akleman, and John Keyser
Ting-Hau Yen
Jean-Paul Wetzel, Salim Belblidia, and Jean-Claude Bignon
3a Multi-Agent Systems 1
Theo A. Arentze, Aloys W.J. Borgers, and Harry J.P. Timmermans
Linda Ma, Theo Arentze, Aloys Borgers, and Harry Timmermans
Selma Celikyay
3b Knowledge Representation 1
Jean Oh, Jie-Eun Hwang, Stephen F. Smith, and Kimberle Koile
Usama El Fiky and Mark Cox
Jos P. van Leeuwen and Lčon A.H.M. van Berlo
4a Multi-Agent Systems 2
K. Zhou, A. Kondo, A. Cartagena Gordillo, and K. Watanabe
E.W.T.M. Heurkens
Zhenjiang Shen, Mitsuhiko Kawakami, and Ping Chen
Chiung Hui Chen and Mao Lin Chiu
4b Virtual Environments
A. Fatah gen. Schieck, A. Penn, V. Kostakos, E. O'Neill, T. Kindberg, D. Stanton Fraser, and T. Jones
Jumphon Lertlakkhanakul, Sangrae Do, and Jinwon Choi
Sooyeon Han, Jinwon Choi, and Jumphon Lertlakkhanakul
Chien-Tung Chen and Teng-Wen Chang
5a Public Participation
Mitsuhiko Kawakami and Shen Zhenjiang
Luca Caneparo, Francesco Guerra, and Elena Masala
Gyosuke Yamaguchi, Takashi Kobayashi, and Yasuo Hibata
5b Design Systems 2
Rohan Bailey
Hung-Ming Cheng
Ching-Shun Tang
6a Transport & Activity Modelling
Dino Borri, Giovanni Circella, Michele Ottomanelli, and Domenico Sassanelli
Massimiliano Petri, Alessandra Lapucci, Diana Poletti, and Silvana Lombardo
Marco te Brömmelstroet
Renni Anggraini, Theo Arentze, and Harry J.P. Timmermans
6b Product & Process Modelling
G. Arthaud and J.C. Lombardo
Sylvain Kubicki, Gilles Halin, and Jean Claude Bignon
Jakob Beetz, Jos van Leeuwen, and Bauke de Vries
7a Multi-Agent Systems 3
Guido Vonk, Stan Geertman, and Paul Schot
Lidia Diappi and Paola Bolchi
O.T.J Devisch, H.J.P. Timmermans, T.A. Arentze, and A.W.J. Borgers
7b Decision Support
P.P. van Loon and E. Wilms
R. Di Giulio, M. Coccagna, and G. Tonelli
Yi-Chia Lee and Yi-Shin Deng
8a Multi-Agent Systems 4
Stefania Bandini, Sara Manzoni, and Giuseppe Vizzari
Wei Zhu and Harry Timmermans
Jean-Marie Boussier, P. Estraillier, D. Sarramia, and M. Augeraud
Michael Balmer and Kai Nagel
8b Collaborative Design
Ji-Hyun Lee and Huai-Wei Liu
Nishchal Deshpande, Bauke de Vries, and Jos van Leeuwen
I-Chieh Huang and Teng-Wen Chang
9a Land Use Models 2
Junfeng Jiao and Luc Boerboom
Toshihiro Osaragi and Yoshitsugu Aoki
J.A.M. Borsboom-van Beurden, R.J.A. van Lammeren, T. Hoogerwerf, and A.A. Bouwman
9b Knowledge Representation 2
Cristina Cerulli
Wei Peng and John S. Gero
John S. Gero and Udo Kannengiesser
10 Micro-Simulation
Noriel Christopher C. Tiglao
Joăo Pinelo
Aloys W.J. Borgers, I.M.E. Smeets, A.D.A.M. Kemperman, and H.J.P. Timmermans
Vincent Tabak and Bauke de Vries